Hannah + Stephon // Outdoor Canoe Engagement Session

Hannah contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I would take her and Stephon's engagement pictures. When she asked me if I knew of a place where they could take pictures in their canoe I immediately thought of this place. Calm, quiet, and surrounded by willow trees - what else could you ask for?! Stephon and Hannah were the couple you look at and know that they are best friends, they're not afraid to be vulnerable with one another, their love is evident.  

 at this moment the sun broke through the barrier of clouds that were in front of it and rain started to fall. i love moments like this: unexpected and imperfect, because in times as this i believe there are two choices: 1) you can quit what you are doing because the outcome doesn't look like what you expected or 2) you embrace the imperfections; the object or circumstance that may appear to be a barrier in your life and you walk through it with boldness. we chose to embrace rain and have fun doing it.