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Wedding, elopement, and engagement photographer based in northwest Ohio, but will happily travel to wherever your love story takes you. My desire is to embrace those unplanned moments: the messy hair, the outbursts of laughter, and all of your weird quirks. I believe in making a deep and meaningful connection in order to visually capture your most intimate story.


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I'm Samantha - just a curly-haired gal who was born and raised in the midwest. I never settle for mediocrity, I test boundaries, I have a passionate heart and I live for moments of wild adventure. I’m only slightly obsessed with: musicals, pancakes, mountains, dancing when no one is watching (but let’s be real, I don’t really care if they are) and most of all my hubby. (read more about me)

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I don't want to just show up on your wedding or elopement day, take a few photos and jet. Your photos mean so much more to me because I care about you! (surprised? I know, it's pretty awesome) Knowing what makes your heart skip a beat and your love deepen opens up the door to create some pretty fantastic imagery. Fill the form out below and let me into this beautiful story of yours.

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